We are a Direct Access Patient Acquisition agency based in Portland, Oregon that helps physical therapy and healthcare clinics. 

Vitality Inbound is fueled by the success of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing the most effective online marketing strategies that are proven to convert strangers into leads then into paying patients. 


Our Mission

Create the most effective tip to tail marketing and sales system that any physical therapy & healthcare practice can use to generate more patients.

Our Philosophy

There is a lot of noise and unproven theories in the market regarding what social media platforms to leverage, tactics to expand online awareness, and which forms of advertisement to use. The reality is that many social platforms and strategies will not work for your business. The best results require a well-thought out strategy, consistency, and implementation of the few highest return inbound marketing tactics. While its valid to want a presence on social media, expanded market awareness and hopefully engagement from fans and followers... what will actually increase your bottom line is converting that awareness into real leads and new patients.

Clients do business with us for one main reason: increase revenue from new patients – and thats precisely what we deliver. 

Our Commitment To Clients

We achieve results for our clients using a proven inbound marketing model that includes

Social Media Marketing

Search Advertising

Website Conversion Optimization

Proven Patient Generation Funnels

Analysis & Measurement

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My mission is to help every physical therapy practice change the lives of more patients in their community.
— Brian Pechan, Founder of Vitality Inbound