5 Principles For Creating Highly Shareable Content

If you know anything about online content marketing, hopefully it's that content is king. In fact, if you have been doing content marketing long enough, you probably witnessed a few startups that have grown into large brands just by consistently creating fantastic content. So how do you create a piece of content to be irresistibly shareable? This post will get you started. 

1. Shareable content incorporates relevant topics

When you create content, always keep your fans and followers at the forefront of your mind and deliver topics they can relate to. This can come in the form of writing a blog about your readers’ common problems/frustrations and how to resolve them, or a video blog about current events affecting your target audience. Producing relevant content helps show your audience that you know and understand their issues, which can help you to earn their trust. It also is a way to add value first, which will keep your followers coming back to share more to their friends/family/peers. 

2. Shareable content evokes emotion.

When creating content, focus on sparking a specific emotion. The content that consistently gets shared the most is that which emotionally engages and moves your audience.  When creating a video for your brand, don’t just explain how great your company and products are. Rather, tell a story and target a specific emotion among your audience. Does your video spark feelings of happiness and hope? Anger? Passion? Whichever emotion you choose, keep in mind that the goal is to drive people to share it. Usually, the stronger the emotion you can evoke, the more memorable and viral the content will be.

3. Shareable content demonstrates real value to your followers.

Another reason people share content is: if it consists of useful information. Write about tips and how-to’s and share your expertise with your followers. For instance, a chiropractor can share stretches or movements for reducing back pain. By doing so, you are helping your readers improve their skills and lives. As a result, they will feel empowered and respect your brand.

4. Shareable content does not have grammatical errors.

Nothing reduces quality and credibility faster in a blog than tons of grammatical errors. These mistakes can alter your readers’ understanding of your message – or worse, they might lose respect for your business. To avoid grammatical errors, always ask someone else to proofread your work before publishing it.

5. Shareable content conveys your message clearly.

When your points are not clearly outlined, there’s a high probability that your readers will get the wrong message or be unsure of what your message is. Revise or eliminate content with vague and confusing information. Be clear on what you want to say and use words that are easy for a wide range of readers to digest.

Top brands are using different clever marketing strategies to make their content go viral, but the points I’ve mentioned are the most common denominators. Which of your posts got the most shares? Post a screenshot or a link below, I’d love to discuss it or offer feedback!