7 Brief Tips For Getting Positive Reviews Online

Do you know how to get positive reviews for your business online?

Online reviews can make or break the online presence of your business. The online review is classic word of mouth taken to a whole new level. There are many different types of websites that allow customers to post reviews. After trying your services or products, customers can share with others about their experience on any of these websites. Reviews on the Internet, especially on the search engine listings, can reach a massive audience, so it’s critical that what’s written in the reviews is positive and accurate.

You don’t have control over what customers will write about in their reviews of your company. However, getting enough good reviews, will minimize the effects of a few bad reviews. the 7 brief tips are below:

Tip 1) Provide High-Quality Products & Services

This is going to seem obvious. Offer the highest quality products & services and follow them up with the best customer service. Tip 1 is actually where most businesses fail. They ignore consumer-feedback about their products and don’t respond to complaints quickly enough when problems arise. If you delight your customers with your offering and focus on delivering what they want, you will earn great reviews. Amazon.com was built around a philosophy of unreasonable customer-centeredness which is largely why its so successful today.

Tip 2) Ask Customers for Reviews

If you follow tip 1 (offer good products and services that genuinely help your customers) you don’t have to twist their arms to get good reviews. All you need to do is ask. Right after they’ve experienced your product/service, gently remind customers that good reviews help your business grow and continue providing these products. Most customers will happily leave a review, if asked politely. 

Make it very easy for people to leave reviews, and you’ll receive many more than you expected. If you’re interacting with customers online, give them a clickable link in a follow-up email or landing page. If you’re making sales offline, consider using QR codes. With these, your customers can scan your QR Code with their mobile devices and be directed straight to the review site right there in your place of business or at home.

Tip 3) Offer Customers Incentives

Companies are increasingly including reviews in their customer-loyalty plans. If you’re not getting the amount of good reviews you’d like, offer your customers an incentive. Be sure they know that they don’t have to say good things about you; they only have to leave ther honest feedback. Offer a coupon, discount, or extra service free-of-charge first, letting customers know it’s a no-strings-attached deal. You might take a loss and they may not write a review for you but remember that if they don’t feel forced, they will be more likely to post it.

Tip 4) Increase Your Company's Online Presence

Keep boosting up your online presence and engage with your customers in as many places online as possible, including all relevant social media platforms. Keep in mind that engagement with customers under 30 yrs old will go a long way in building customer loyalty and interaction, which includes leaving reviews.

Tip 5) Quick and Responsive Problem Control

Always respond to negative reviews quickly. Its important to recognize that negative reviews aren't always bad thing. They're actually a great opportunity to show people that you care about customer service. Reply to the comment by asking the reviewer about their bad experience and offer options to fix the issue, (like a free replacement product or a refund). Do whatever it takes, not to save face, but to satisfy the unhappy reviewer. Other reviewers or potential customers will take note of this. 

Tip 6) Give Reviews to Others

The old principle of "give before you get". Review other products and services on your blog or on social media and you'll be surprised how many people reciprocate.

Tip 7) Make it a Routine

Consistently getting positive reviews is a numbers game. The more proactive and consistent you are in giving and seeking feedback, the more feedback you’ll generate. Incorporate this into your company's regular sales process and form efficient routines to get feedback as much as possible.

Take all customer reviews seriously. Your company's online reputation is worth it.