Facebook Advertising

Strategic Facebook advertising delivers some of the most accurate demographic and interest targeting for finding new customers in your area. By using the latest, cutting-edge tools in Facebook’s ad platform, we ensure that your business is first in the minds of people who need your products or services.

Facebook is the clear Social Media Leader

 Facebook produced 61% of all website visits generated on social media sites in Q3 2016, according to Merkle.


Ways we manage your Facebook advertising


Our agency takes the time to pinpoint your ideal customers so we can create detailed customer profiles to target your Facebook ad campaigns. This provides the foundation for customer-targeting when creating your Facebook ads.

Ad Design

To get the best results, we work with your team to design graphics and images for your Facebook ads. Depending on your current situations, we can either work with your graphic designer or take over the entire process.


Based on our consultations and informational meetings, we will learn your brand’s personality, key differentiators, and campaign goals. We then generate engaging and effective advertising copy and call-to-actions to reflect these areas.

Ad Testing

We constantly test ad copy, graphics, targeting, and landing pages for your Facebook ads to make sure we zero in on the most effective combination to get you results. Along the way, we track exactly what is working and what isn’t.

Geo-Social Campaigns for Local Marketing

Facebook gives us the power to conduct locally-targeted advertising campaigns that are only visible to those living in a specific radius of your business. With local marketing ads, we can target and communicate with anyone near your business and provide them with an incentive to visit your location in real-time.

Campaign Management

We can do it all for you, from creation to management. We’ll use data from the campaigns and continue to tweak and improve the respective campaigns per your goals.

FB Video Ads

Combining Facebook video ads and remarketing is one of the best ways to get targeted, affordable, and high-converting traffic to your website.

Ad Reporting

We will gather and analyze dozens of data points for your ad campaigns, such as CTR, CPC, social reach, social engagement, frequency, and cost per conversion. We’ll send you these reports on the success of your campaigns so you always know where your campaigns stand.